ubuntu compiz problem

6 01 2010

i had a few hours ago a problem with compiz window manager

i was using my laptop for reading .. about 4 hours ad then it required a charging source .. so i connected it to the power source. i tried to switch to another desktop using the alt+ctrl+right but it shown that the compiz is deactivated and the dumb old switching screen appeared

1- solution:

i right clicked the desktop > change desktop background > visual effects > extra.
but it didn’t work, it normally searched for a driver (it is existed before!) and then hanged and told me that desktop effects couldn’t enabled ?

2- solution:

searched google but all the topics on the ubuntu forums didn’t work !!!

3- solution

i entered the IRC channel for ubuntu and asked about the problem .. they told me to check the drivers (intel doen’t show in the properity drivers cuz it’s free ) and another one told me to reinstall the driver ( where the hell i find the intel graphics driver ? in synaptic ? i reinstalled rebooted .. no use)

4- i decided to go on my own .

open a terminal run compiz ? ooooh… i run normally ? what the hell is the problem
so i have to put it in the start up .. open system>preferences>startup application>add
then write compiz in the name field and in the command field and Add
reboot ………… whoooooooooooooooory it run congrates
somebody tell me what was the problem … i hell don’t know but this was the solution for me … if anyone can tell me what was the problem i’m waiting for your comments