It’s Black

11 08 2008

you see all this mess
they did that to the world
why are they stupid
they are like snakes pitting the earth
want to take a byte of it
they are always there behind the black evil
hide behind it, waiting for a chance
u know that but
u don’t believe or don’t want to believe
that’s the point , just believe
the time will come and they will byte u
u have to take your sword and start,
start to cut that evil ,
to drop it from the cliff of good
to an endless hole of whiteness
try to free the angles of you mind
try to c and feel
try to hear and think
that’s the problem you don’t believe
do it and u can then take your wings back
u can then fly , breath , c the world
a world without this blackness, without devil , with out snakes



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